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Inspiration for Corpus Christi Fun For Kids came about when I was at home with my then toddler. I used to have playdates with a friend who had a child of the same age and we were constantly asking "What do we do?" I would often find out about things after they happened or would see an event then forget about it. In May 2011 after reading a Facebook post by 40 Things to Do in Corpus Christi encouraging people to do something for their cities, I decided to make my own Facebook page that would focus only on fun things for families in the Corpus Christi area. 

It started as a small page where I would post anything and everything fun related for families in the area. It's been almost four years and the page has grown in ways I never imagined with almost 18,000 fans. Parents tell me that they always consult my Facebook page first and rely it on it to make their weekend plans. People from all over the country check it when planning a trip to the area.

I started the blog last year and it quickly outgrew itself. It was the logical step to create a website to help parents find all the fun events and family friendly fun in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. I've had help along the way from my good friend (and play date buddy) Lisa that helped me post until she moved to San Antonio. She would help post even though she was in San Antonio! Local moms Sheryl and Shonnah have helped in the past as well. Shonnah has an awesome group Sparkling City Playdates Group). Most recently local dad Will, parent to a 10 and 18 year old joined forces and is helping with finding events and posting.

Hopefully you will find this website helpful in finding all the fun things to do with your family. Also make sure to check out the Facebook page which always has updated information and follow us on Instagram at @ccfunforkids.

About Me:
I was born and raised in Corpus Christi. I'm married with two daughters ages 18 and 9. I work full time. Besides playing detective and hunting for fun things to do, my favorite hobby is reading (I love to reserve books online and pick up at Garcia Library). My perfect Corpus Christi area family activity is to visit the South Texas Art Museum followed by lunch at Hester's with a walk by the Water Gardens if the weather is nice. In the Fall, we always visit Rockin' K Maze!

Disclaimer and Advertising Information
Corpus Christi Fun for Kids continues to be a free resource for parents but after many years of doing this on my own time and my own expense, I feel my time and effort should be rewarded.  Some posts are sponsored and you will possibly see paid advertising.  I will let you know when posts are sponsored and I may occasionally receive admissions, discounts, etc. to try out or give away.

However, I will not endorse something I do not believe in and will be honest with my reviews as well as ask other bloggers/admins to do the same.  All opinions posted on the blog or Facebook page are personal.  Corpus Christi Fun for Kids does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest. If you ever have questions or are interested in advertising on this website, please send me a message.

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