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Corpus Christi Fun for Kids is the #1 place to find family friendly fun ideas in the Corpus Christi area! Founded in 2011, we have become the preferred source for children’s event information for parents in the community.  Parents have come to rely on us for fun activities for the kids to do throughout the week and on weekends. Businesses and organizations love us too!

Both the website and Facebook page have tons of organic traffic from people all over the country but the main target demographic are women (moms!) aged 25-44 right here in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas.

We love sharing events and information about our community but can give your business or organization extra special love! If you want to reach young families in Corpus Christi and get your name out to the female decision makers in our community, partner with Corpus Christi Fun for Kids. We post ads, run sponsored posts, contests, and more! Contact Will today for more information!

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Wil Henneberger
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